What if I get into an accident?

Jun - 12

What if I get into an accident?

We pay great attention to safety, follow road regulations and never risk – we expect the same approach in riding from you. Still sometimes accidents happen and we must be ready for such turn.

In case of an accident without injuries:

  • If a motorcycle is ok, than one guide will stay with the client and fill all required documents for insurance and police. If it was our clients fault its necessary to compensate repair costs. If it was another driver fault he will pay for the damage. The rest of the group continues the tour and client + guide will overtake them later after filing all the necessary documents
  • If a motorcycle is seriously damaged and its other driver fault client can, either continues the tour as a passenger with someone else, or take guides bike and go on riding himself. Motorcycle will be transported to the nearest service station and the second guide will overtake the group later
  • If a motorcycle is seriously damaged and it’s our client’s fault, we arrange transportation of motorcycle and client back to Miami. Tour ends, money are not refunded. Insurance and clients deposit if necessary will be used to repair motorcycle.

In case of an accident with health injuries:

First medical help will be provided. If necessary we call ambulance and arrange transportation to the hospital. One guide will stay with the client, help him in all aspects. Fills the documents, provides information support. Group with the second guide continues the tour. We do everything to resolve the situation in our client best interests.

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